Tvu grid manual

The award-winning TVU Grid is a powerful, yet simple IP live video distribution solution that uses commodity Internet to transmit any kind of live video content to anyone and anywhere in the world. TVU Servers Powerful range of receivers to view, manage and share all live video content from one unit. ... No need for manual in-field configuration. Your partner during the COVID-19 Pandemic.Robots on the Move - Getting yours ready for the worldwide marketNew thinking on cybersecurity and privacy in a world where digital transformation beckons.Learn Everything You Need to Know About NRTLs in Our WhitepaperKeep yourself abreast with changes to Standards and Regulations and learn how they may affect you!Certification FilterFind detailed information on test marks, IDs, products and companies on Certipedia.TUV Rheinland COVID-19 Update Restart safely with TÜV Rheinland. Operate within the TVU Ecosystem. Control straight from the unit’s keypad and LCD panel. �ƒ?j䃺h�����$���d8�s�>�}?�+�L�O�����\�DG�Y�Ws���t��Z��d�]������8Q����^t��-�))���u����T���;jiBӿ��)�X�� �FT=��6_+���N'�L Stay current with industry trends, testing and compliance requirements This is the edge device of the TVU ecosystem. Designed for fast anywhere deployment, the Aerial Newsgathering Pack is capable of transmitting live full HD video with sub-second latency while the Inspire 1 drone is flying – more than 20 minutes of flight time. 4 0 obj

TVU networks TVU Grid™ TVU Grid Feature List Version 2.0 Unlimited Scalability for Video Distribution 857 Maude Avenue, Mountain View, CA 94043 Telephone: (650) 969-6732 • FAX: (650) 969-6747 ©2018 TVU networks Corporation TVU G-Link 4K HDR IP based point-to-point contribution encoder, H.265, able to transmit a 4K P60/50 4:2:2 10-bit HDR video signal over a normal Internet connection at as high as 250mbps. %��������� The TVU Aerial Newsgathering Pack combines DJI’s Inspire 1 drone with a TVU One compact IP video transmitter in a single complete package. Learn more about TÜV Rheinland Group, the leading provider of technical services worldwide. In addition, Grid allows you to send live video in real-time and simultaneously to multiple locations without needing to exponentially increase the transmission bit rate.
TVU One represents a tremendous leap forward in mobile newsgathering, delivering the same industry-leading transmission resiliency and performance, video picture quality and sub-second latency of a full-size backpack transmitter, but in a more than 90% smaller and ultra lightweight form factor.

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